1. wildly-artisitic asked: You are looking for artists? I do a wide range of styles from what your ad said I feel like I could help out.

    Sounds awesome. But do you have like a portfolio or something I can look at to see if it’s precisely the style I’d want (just show me stuff that you have that’s maybe close to some of the styles?)

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  2. Looking to commission artists!

    Looking for artists that can draw/paint/etc in the following styles!

    Looking for multiple artists, so you personally don’t have to be able to manage all of what I am looking for.

    Looking for;

    Magic The Gathering card art style (serious, stuff)

    PokeMon and Yu-Gi-Oh styled.

    Marvel Comic Book - Amazing Spider-Man style (reference classic AMS, example issue 260).

    I basically need to start lining some commissions up for a card shop opening up in a few months. Will be asking for various card arts redone,  and possible mixing it up (Pokemon and YuGiOh in the same print for example).

    Message me and we can go from there!

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  3. Star Wars: More Than Just A Fiction

    This is something that I’ve wanted to write forever. I’ve just never had the courage or never knew where to put it. I think Tumblr is suitable because either a lot of people will see it or no one will, both are suitable outcomes to me; as long as it is out there. I do apologize for the numerous grammatical errors that will be present in this post (I’m a Science major, specifically BioChemistry, so I haven’t sharpened my grammar as much as my microscopy).

    Anyways, as the title suggests, this will explain exactly what Star Wars means to me. I’m almost 100% certain that I am not the only one that feels this way specifically, that would just be too unrealistic of a thought. Ever since I was a little kid my father introduced me into a large number of fantasy worlds which included: Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, and video games. Of all those, Star Wars stuck the most. It grabbed my mind at a critical spot and planted a seed of Force (pun intended). He did his job right as a father, rather than say distract me from it, or introduce me to new things, he fueled my Star Wars passion. Anything from shirts, laser disc special editions (which I still have), Christmas ornaments, Shadows of the Empire (amazing N64 game!), and letting me ride Star Tours (the original version, obviously, at Disney World 20 times a trip). He put up with me wanting to watch it all the time. My life was Star Wars (and the other things of course).

    Even as I grew older, I never abandoned or hid the fact that I loved Star Wars (please don’t be an in the closet geek, I’d love to meet you all! You’re most certainly not alone). I remember one day specifically that I became a skeptic, so I had to ask: “Dad, do you really like Star Wars, or are you just doing it for me?” His reply, “I saw Star Wars opening day and have went to each other one (for the original trilogy) in the same manner. You tell me.” His favorite character was Han Solo, mainly because he was a huge Harrison Ford fan. I grew up loving Boba Fett, a character which at the time didn’t have much of spotlight or expanded universe to follow. My favorite, though, is Revan from the Knights of the Old Republic series of games.

    Straying away from my father, this love was also shared with friends and my little brother. Isn’t it truly such a wonderful thing to share something so beautiful to you with others? Especially when they appreciate it in the same manner as yourself. Simply amazing. No better way to put it. To this day, I’m now twenty two, I still get into epic quote exchanges on Facebook or in person. Plus, who doesn’t wave their hands at automatic doors still?

    In 2010 I got a tattoo of the Mandalorian Skull (the one Boba Fett has on his left shoulder (same place I put mine). It symbolized my love for the character, Star Wars, and my father (his favorite was Han, so it was kind of like a “I’m going to get you” joke).

    Unfortunately, like everyone’s heroes journey, the mentor cannot stay forever. If you noticed I always referred to my father and his likes as “was.” On July 23rd of 2013 (yes, last year) there was a great disturbance in the Force. My father lost his fight to cancer and became one with the Force. To this day is plagues me and makes it hard to just go on. I couldn’t even watch Star Wars for a month. It was coming out of this hardship that I realized something. My dad is still with me, whenever I watch Star Wars (or go to Disney). It’s tough. It makes me cry more than it used to, especially Vader’s redemption at the end of Return of the Jedi (not the Blu-Ray version!). Star Wars, is it more than just a tale of good and evil to me. It is a beautiful escape into a galaxy of wonder. It really gets to me when people say these kinds of things are for kids. When in fact, it’s for anyone who appreciates the art of it all. For me it’s become all of the above.

    I wish certain people would understand. I don’t think even my dad did, but that’s okay, because he created this Star Wars obsession. He’s forgiven. Like my passion for science, I wish I could spread the awesome that is Star Wars with everyone. I believe everyone can relate to someone in the movies or expanded universe if they just gave it a shot. As I have written this blotched and hard to read post, I really took in what it all means, especially since I am listening to the soundtrack of The Old Republic while writing. I’m surrounded by figures, comic books, posters, and all sorts of memorabilia from Star Wars. It’s something that is here to stay with me forever. It’s just to the point where I feel I can’t love Star Wars enough, there is always room for more enjoyment. My only hope now is that I can share this magic with kids I may have one day.

    Now the true message of this post, summed up. This is not specific to Star Wars, this includes all fandoms. Don’t be afraid to admit your love of something, fake or not. Don’t let others put you down because of it. Share the magical beauty of it all. I wrote about Star Wars because it means the most to me, but there are countless other things in which I could rant about, too!

    To those who put others down for their likes, do yourself and all of us a favor… Stop! There’s no point in it as there never will be. If people learned to accept everyone for who they are, without trying to oppose their “self-righteousness” upon them, the world would be a beautiful place, filled with beautiful diversity.

    I hope all of you have your “Star Wars”, yet I also hope that your mentors have not vanished just yet. That is a feeling far too devastating.

    For those of you who read this, thank you.

    May the Force be with you all.

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Every person on wow right nowhttp://rpgfanatics.tumblr.com


    Every person on wow right now

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  7. Boom. <3

    Boom. <3

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  8. I totally have this. Makes me so happy, and leaves me feeling so lucky.

    I totally have this. Makes me so happy, and leaves me feeling so lucky.

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